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Songtsam Benzilan


Location: Lat: 28.233398,  Long: 99.27834

In a small green valley, sits Songtsam Benzilan (1,900m). It sits between Shangri-la and Meili: 3 hours from Meili or 2 hours from Shangri-la. The nearest airport is Shangri-la (Diqing) airport (2 hours). Amid barley and wheat fields, the lodge is surrounded by white-walled Tibetan houses and close to a white stupa. 

Some of the most pristine Tibetan villages are hidden in the mountains covered by original forests, where traditions are well kept, people are extremely friendly and unknown to outsiders. The forest is destination rich in nature wonders, a day hike to it will discover numerous flowers in spring, taste wild mushroom including the special species of Matsutake; autumn colors and winter snows. 

This area is famous for its handcrafts. A few pieces of the most precious antique carpets and furniture were collected from these villages, and that's how Baima found this location -- during one of his "treasure hunt" trips. A road only built in 2008 to connect this secret valley to outside world.

Our vegetable garden here has been producing sufficient fresh vegetables and fruits for the lodge, it's a true "farm to folk" dinning style . Guests always join our lodge crew to work in the garden: plant water melons or pick tomatoes, to experience the idyllic life style that is disappearing elsewhere in China. 

Booking And Enquiry
Lobby of Songtsam Benzilan, decorated with precious antique Tibetan Carpets and embroidery 


Superior roomRMB 1600Including 3 meals for 2 guests, room suitable for 2guests, can add one extra bed
Extra bedRMB 370Including 3 meals for 1 guest
Special offerRMB 1360Including 3 meals for 2 guests, please contact for details

Room description

Songtsam Benzilan features 10 spacious deluxe rooms, all decorated identically to the suites of Songstam Shangri-la.

Room Facilities:

  • Broadband and wireless connection
  • 24-hour hot water

Price includes

  • 3 meals and soft drinks, local beer, tea and coffee during meals
  • 24 hour room service
Not Inclusive
  • Private transportation
  • Laundry and other personal expenses

Transportation and Activities

* We provide lodge-to-lodge transportation to facilitate travel. For more details please click here
* We arrange daily acitivities free or at basic of charge. For details, please refer to Daily Activities PDF.

  • Facility:

    Guest rooms and facilities are housed in one Tibetan style building. The small yet cozy restaurant offers views of the green valley and village field. On second floor, a bar also services as Meditation room or conference room.

    On the second floor, a Bar also serves as a Meditation room (can be arranged as conference room).


    (Fixed activities each day - guests can choose from an activity schedule, at basic cost or free of charge)

    • Guided Hiking along mountain trail, stop by and visit different villages
    • Local family visiting
    • Handicraft work shop
    • Dongzhulin monastery visiting
    • Picnic lunch at scenic spot overlooking deep Yangtze river valley 
    • Meditation, Tibetan dancing night or other activities as scheduled at the hotel
Lobby of Songtsam Benzilan, decorated with precious antique Tibetan Carpets and embroidery 

About the area

Benzilan, two hours by car from Shangri-la, is a pleasant town standing on a narrow strip of land on the right bank of the Upper Yangzi River, tucked between the water and the sharply rising hills. As the altitude falls by for more than 1, 000 meters, so the temperature rises, and travelers now arrive at another Shangri-la rich in blooming flowers and flourishing trees.

The countryside around Benzilan is dotted with farms, wooden houses and small temples. The town was one of the most important stops of the Ancient Tea and Horse Trail, the trade route that linked Southwest China to India. The area is nowadays famous for its handicrafts, especially lacquer bowls and boxes, and black pottery popular among locals as well as traders.