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Songtsam Meili


Tatler's “Travel Guide 2012”: “101 Best Hotels in the World”

Location: Lat: 28.443336,Long: 98.957548

Songtsam Meili is 6 hours from Shangri-la by car on the Yunnan-Tibet road up to the boarder of Tibetan.  The nearest airport is Shangri-la (Diqing) airport (6hours); and nearest town is Dechin (30 minutes by car). 

The lodge (3,600m) overlooks the majestic Meili Mountain Range. Most of the rooms have a stunning view of Meili, a memorable experience for every guest who stays here. Breakfasts are set in our small book bar for the great view of the sunrise on the snow peaks right outside our window. A romantic dinners can be arranged on the open terrace where the mountain peaks look like so close, almost surreal. 

Gujiunong, where Songtsam built the lodge of Meili, is a tranquil village inhabited by only five families who practice polyandry. This is also one of the few places where traditional Tibetan herding and farming are still practiced. Guests take a challenging hike day to the summer pasture of the village will have a rare opportunity to see the beautiful area and learn about the traditional life style.

Please click HERE or image below for a 360 picture of moonrise at Meili (By Mr.Jook Leung)


Booking And Enquiry
Room of Songtsam Meili lodge, with views of Meili snow mountains


Superior RoomRMB 1600Including 3 meals for 2 guests, room suitable for 2 guests; Mountain View(building #1)/valley view (building #2)
Extra bedRMB 370Including 3 meals for 1 guest
Special offerRMB 1360Including 3 meals for 2 guests, please contact us for details

Room description

Songtsam Meili houses 17 spacious deluxe rooms, all decorated identically to the suites of Songtsam Shangri-la. The rooms feature large bed platforms, sofas, armchairs and a cozy fireplace. Guests can read a book, listen to local music, watch films or simply gaze at the wondrous views over the Meili Snow Mountain Range. (All twin rooms are on first floor)

Room Facilities:

  • Broadband and wireless connection
  • 24-hour hot water
  • In-room fireplace and wood

Price Includes

  • 3 meals and soft drinks - local beer during meals
  • 24 hour room service

Price does not Include

  • Transportation
  • Laundry and other personal expenses

Transportation and Activities

* We provide lodge-to-lodge transportation to facilitate travel. For more details please click here.
* We arrange daily acitivities free or at basic of charge. For details, please refer to Daily Activities PDF.

  • Facility:
    Facilities and Activities
    • Restaurant
    • Book bar 
    • Guided hikes and walks (1- 8 hours)
    • Tibetan family visits
    • Bonfire Party


Room of Songtsam Meili lodge, with views of Meili snow mountains

About the area

Meili Snow Mountain Range

Meili Snow Mountain Range is remarkable for its impressive chain of glaciated peaks more than 6,000 meters high. At sunrise and sunset, the soft sunlight illuminates all twenty peaks. Since Meili is at low altitude, clouds cover most of the peaks throughout the year, except in winter when the clouds hang below the mountains in the morning. It is a scene not to be missed.

The Meili Snow Mountain Range is a sub range of the Hengduan Mountains which run north to south, marking the boundary between Tibet and Yunnan. The main peak is Kawagebo, standing at 6,740 meters. Kawagebo is the first of the six most sacred mountains in Tibetan Buddhism. Over 10,000 pilgrims make the 240 kilometer trek around the mountain each year. As of today, none of the major peaks have been scaled. Tibetan Buddhists believe that Great Spirits dwell in the mountains.

The scenic drive from Shangri-la to Meili winds through lush temperate and alpine forests with breathtaking views over the Baima Pass at 4,292 meters. There is a chorten (white stupa) at the pass with many prayer flags placed by the faithful asking for blessings. The Yangtze drainage area lies on one side of the pass and the Mekong on the other. On emerging from the pass onto a steep descending road, the Meili peaks soon appear in the distance.

Baima National Reserve, a UNESCO designated world heritage site, is one of the few truly wild places left in China. Nearly all of the world’s species of rhododendron originated from this area. There are even still a few spots where red pandas and snow leopards roam free. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and forested valleys, it is indeed Shangri-La.

The journey down the Mekong River from Meili to Tacheng is simply incredible. Within only 250 kilometers the road winds through hugely differing landscapes; descending from high to low altitude and from colder to warmer climates; taking in Tibetan and Lisu culture; buckwheat crops and rice fields; and different styles of architecture. From Cizhong to Tacheng, the countryside is incredibly beautiful - industry is absent and the area’s natural beauty remains untouched. As passers-by, travelers will see farmers singing in the fading light while working in the fields.