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Songtsam has established a series of luxury boutique hotels: Songtsam Lodges in five carefully selected locales; each lodge provides a distinct experience of this magical land of The Three Parallel Rivers Area

Songtsam Lodges arranges lodge-to-lodge private transportations, please go to Rates or contact us for more details. For those who prefer a one-stop-shop experience, can choose the all-inclusive package trips we offer. We also offer a wide range of day trips, enriching lodging experience. 


The Three Parallel Rivers Area of Yunnan encompasses the majestic land hemmed in by the mighty Yangtze, the free flowing Mekong and the wild Salween. Many of the twenty five different ethnic minorities currently living in Yunnan can be found in this area which features snow capped peaks more than 6,000 meters high, glaciated gorges and terraced fields. These peaceful people have for generations not only preserved, but also nurtured this "Shangri-la".