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Like many other high end properties, Songtsam built the lodges away from the tourist craze, in the most beautiful, hand-picked locations;
however, unlike many other high end accommodations, Songtsam never tried or wanted to be separate from the local community. Instead, the lodges are constructed right inside or next to living villages, which creates opportunities for guests to share a special close bond with the vibrant life of the local culture.
Local villagers’ yaks often try to get in the yard to eat the plants and villagers say hello on their way back home. When one steps out of the front door of the Songtsam lodges, they are immersed in the fascinating daily village life

Songtsam history SONGTSAM history

  • Historical idea
  • Awards
  • 2017

    Songtsam Linka Lijiang and Songtsam Choskyi Linka Lhasa are opened in 2017

  • 2015

    Songtsam begin to exploit Yunnan-Tibet Route

  • 2013

    Songtsam Cizhong lodge opened in 2011

  • 2011

    Songtsam Benzilan lodge, Songtsam Tacheng lodge, Songtsam Meili lodge opened in 2011;
    Songtsam take travelers on "SONGTSAM CIRCUIT" journey to explore the natural and the unique cultures of the area.

  • 2009

    SONGTSAM LINKA RETREAT as the first 5 star Tibetan style hotel opened in 2009

  • 2000

    the first Songtsam Shangri-la lodge opened in 2000

  • 2018

    Tripadvisor: Traveler's Choice 2018 - Most Romantic Hotels in China (Linka Shangri-la No.1), Best Hotels in China(Linka Shangri-la No.15), Most Valuable Hotels in China (Shangri-La lvgu No.3), Best Small Hotels in China  (Shangri-La lvgu No.6)
    Conde Nast Traveler: Best Hotels in China Top10 (Shangri-la lvgu), Best Social responsibility Hotel (Tacheng)

  • 2017

    Tripadvisor: Traveler's Choice 2017 - Small Hotels in China Top25 (Shangri-La lvgu No.9)
    Jiesu: China Boutique Hotel Top50 (Cizhong No.2)
    The Bund: China Best Design Hotel - Best Boutique Hotel (Songtsam)
    China Hotel Association: Baimaduoji is a advanced character & Model Hotel (Shangri-La lvgu)
    Conde Nast Traveler: Best Scene Maker (Meili), Best Social responsibility Hotel (Tacheng)
    City Traveler: Best Boutique Hotels
    Travel Info: The WOW Selection - The Travel of Cultural Geography
    Travel+Leisure: 2017 China Travel Awards - 2017 China's Best Boutique Hotels (Shangri-La lvgu)
    New Voyage: 2017 Top50 Best Hotels in China three-diamond

  • 2016

    TripAdvisor, Traveler’s Choice 2016 – Top 10 Small Hotels in China (Tacheng No. 1, Shangri-La No. 3, Meili, No. 9)
    Conde Nast Traveler, Gold List 2016 (Meili, Tacheng)
    "2015 China's Best Boutique Hotels" of the 12th Golden-Pillow Award of China Hotels(Songtsam linka retreat)
    Travel+Leisure,China Travel Awards (Songtsam Cizhong)
    New Voyage, Best Hotel&Resort Value Award Top 50 of 2016
    World Luxury Hotel Awards,Luxury Hotel-Best Scenic Environment of 2016 (Songtsam linka retreat)

  • 2015

    Conde Nast Traveler, Gold List 2015
    Golden-Pillow Award of China Hotels 2015
    TripAdvisor, Hall of Fame of 2011-2015
    TripAdvisor, Certificate of Excellence of 2015 
    Travel + Leisure, World’s Best Awards – The Best of 2015
    New Voyage – Annual Top 50 Hotels of 2015

  • 2014

    TripAdvisor, Traveler’s Choice 2014 – Top 25 Hotels in China

  • 2013

    TripAdvisor, Traveler’s Choice 2013 – Top 25 Hotels in China

  • 2012

    Conde Nast Traveler, – The Best New Hotels of 2012
    Tatler, Travel Guide 2012 – 101 Best Hotels in the World
    TripAdvisor, Traveler’s Choice 2012 – Top 25 Hotels in China, Top 10 Hotels for Families in China

  • 2011

    Travel + Leisure Asia, Special T+L Picks – The Best of 2011
    TripAdvisor, Traveler’s Choice 2011 – Top 25 Hotels in China

  • 2009

    China Best Concept Hotel Award
    China Best Hotel Design Award

Songtsam team SONGTSAM team

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Some Memories Never Fade: It seems like only yesterday. Baima Dorji was on his way back to Shangri-la, with ambitious plans to shoot a documentary of his childhood home.
While it had been many years since he had last set foot in his native land, fond memories came pouring back.
He remembered the excitement of climbing local mountains as a young boy, the intimate solitude of his town’s temples, and the people who helped define him as a person.
Finally, Baima was home. The rush of emotions made him wonder: How could he give back?
What more could he do? Soon it all became clear. He thought about the region’s rich culture and how he could create a way for travelers to come and experience a new way of life; a place that was more than the usual hotel and gift shops, a place where guests could immerse themselves in living history. So Baima turned his family’s small guesthouse into the first Songtsam lodge.
Inspired by the rich Tibetan culture, he worked with local artisans and members of the community to help produce and run Songtsam Green Valley. Many years later, Baima’s vision continues to grow, and so does the Songtsam experience.
Songtsam Brand was formally set up in 2001 in Shangri-La, with its aim of preserving and promoting local Tibetan culture and tradition on the platform of Songtsam hotels.
There are now over 200 staff working at Songtsam, mainly from local communicity, warm, kind and dilligent. Together, we form the core concept of “home” of Songtsam, not only to our guests but to staff as well.
We have job vacancy of Travel Bulter, Marketing & Sales (in Beijing Office), Hotel Front Desk, Housekeeping, Engineering, IT Technician, Restaurant Service. Internship are also welcomed.

If you are interested, please send your resume to  (+86) 15911879559
Welcome to Songtsam Family! 

How to Get to Songtsam:
Shangri-la and Lijiang are the gateway towns to reach any Songtsam Lodge. Both can be reached via Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan province. Major Chinese cities with daily flights to Shangri-la (Diqing Airport) include Beijing and Chongqing; or, Shanghai and Guangzhou to Lijiang.
Songtsam provides complimentary transportation from Shangri-la airport to Songtsam Shangri-la. To reach other lodges, guests can book private transportation with Songtsam.
Most roads between the lodges are paved and in good condition; however, most part of the drive between Tacheng and Benzilan is on a bumpy and winding road along upper Yangtze River.
Weather and Best Time to Go:
Although this area can be experienced all year long, many travelers are especially fond of spring (May to June) for the blossoming rhododendronss, and autumn when many tree leaves change colors.
However, in summer the greenness and blooming flowers in contrast of snowy land makes  dramatic scenery; and village and monasteries bustle with colorful cultural and religious events in winter time draw intrepid travelers from around the world.
Tacheng and Benzilan are warm with mild temperatures all year round; in the daytime, it can reach 30oC in summer and drop to around 10oC in winter. Meili and Shangri-la enjoy highland sunshine which can bring the temperature to 10oC at noon even in winter time; however it can be freezing cold in early mornings and at night, even in summer.
Shangri-la and Meili sit on highlands up to 3,300/3,600 meters while Tacheng and Benzilan descend to lower than 2,000 meters. The changes in altitude when traveling from one Songtsam lodge to the next provides the rare opportunity to experience dramatic natural diversity. 
People can and do react differently to altitude. Symptoms of altitude sickness usually subside after getting plenty of rest and drinking sufficient amounts of water.

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